Please read this entire posting and job description carefully before responding.

We are hiring a freelance programmer to write a web-based discussion board.

This will be a clean sheet codebase and will not be an adaptation of existing forum/bbs/chan software.

This bulletin board / forum will include up/down voting, threaded and collapsible commenting and a scoring system for content submissions.


You should be familiar with threaded discussion software on sites such as "Hacker News" and "LessWrong" and the voting, scoring, submission and
flagging functions on those sites.

You should have an understanding of the history of online communities including, but not limited to:  Craigslist, Kuro5hin, Metafilter, HN,, LET, 4chan, etc., and how each of those communities was shaped by the forum software itself.

You should be enthusiastic about, and knowledgeable of, building and fostering online communities.


We think that the technical stack will consist of django+postgres with backend development in python but we are open-minded.

We would consider a different technology stack if you can make a very compelling case for it.


We would like to complete the first phase of this development under a fixed bid.

We are interested in finding an enthusiastic and experienced developer that we can depend on - and whose role could be expanded as this project grows.

We are not particularly interested in low-cost estimates or beating a particular budget.

We are happy to pay for expertise, professional bearing and attention to detail.


If you are interested in this project, please apply by sending a plain-text email to:

... containing NO attachments and with the exact subject line:  "Forum / bulletin board software inquiry"  WITHOUT the double quotes.

In the body of the email, please write three paragraphs discussing, in this order:

1.  Your previous experience in writing forum, discussion or bulletin board software and what languages and tooling you used.

2.  Your availability and work schedule in 2022 and beyond and a brief description of how you'd like to engage in, and work on, this project.

3.  The online communities you have participated most in, both past and present, and what features and functions you found most valuable in fostering
community and communication in them.

This very specific formatting and components of this inquiry email are REQUIRED - inquiries that do not follow these instructions will be ignored.